An Overview of USPTO Actions

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AN OVERVIEW OF USPTO OFFICE ACTIONS Approximately three months after the moment when you file your trademark application and pay your fee, you may receive an email advising you that an office action has been assigned to your application. An office action is the USPTO’s way of informing applicants that there is a problem (or problems) with the application.…

The 4 Benefits of Having Ongoing Trademark Counsel for Your Business

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If you run a business, then this probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about trademarks. Maybe you already have registered marks, or have run into some issues in trying to register one. Although getting your trademark registered is, theoretically, a straightforward process, there are many reasons why it is essential to have a…

Taking Action On Your Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

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As the world has grown smaller due to the internet and fast international travel, counterfeiting has become a widespread issue.  What was once mostly a major concern for clothing retailers and designers, counterfeiting has become a major issue for almost every industry that creates any type of product. More than 100 million counterfeit products are…

Cowork Space

The Risks and Rewards of Coworking

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When I reentered the legal profession after a startup adventure, I was hesitant to secure and sign an office lease.  I was immediately attracted to the “workplace as a service” or “coworking” model where business owners pay one set fee month to month for a private office, shared common area, internet, electricity, maintenance, coffee service…

Maximize Business Value with Intellectual Property

Maximizing a Business Exit: The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property

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The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property When I interview a new client, one of my first questions is “what do you ultimately want to do with the business?”   Very few people want to keep their business forever (for example, forgo retirement), and selling the business, hopefully for the maximum amount of profit, is…