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E-commerce: The Amazon Seller Risk Mitigation Strategy

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Amazon has become a household name that evokes mixed reactions from consumers as well as my e-commerce clients. While many see this platform as an opportunity to optimize profitability, there are risks. A recent survey of over 1,000 Amazon Seller participants from JungleScout confirms what I have learned from my years of advising e-commerce clients. …

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Work for hire: You want your new logo to be Yours, not theirs

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Copyright protects original works of art.  Logos generally are copyrightable if they are original.  Companies can register copyright with the US Copyright Office and armed with the registration certificate can enforce against infringement. Almost all of my clients (and us) use outside designers to create our logos and other marketing collateral.  Although I personally have…

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Copyright protects “original” work of authorship that are “fixed” in a tangible medium of expression.  It includes literary, musical, and dramatic works; photographs; graphics; audio and visual recordings; software; and other creative works.  Copyright derives from the United States Constitution and codified by federal statute.   Copyrights can be protected and enforceable in many foreign…

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POST COVID-19 BLOG SERIES: IP For Entrepreneurs

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Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 including us. I took some time to think over what advice to provide my clients and friends Post COVID-19 and realized it hasn’t changed much. If you run or manage an emerging business, the world has definitely changed, but effective legal strategies haven’t. I digress: Entrepreneurs generally never had…

Can You Trademark a 3-D Shape?

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Trademark law is an extremely complicated topic for business owners, but it’s also one of the most essential parts of protecting your business branding efforts and your intellectual property. Trademarking your name or logo ensures that consumers aren’t confused by deceivingly similar designs, allowing you to safeguard your brand and image. However, one issue continues…

How “Literal Meaning” Can Impact Your Trademark Application

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If you’re trying to set your business apart from its competitors and prevent other companies from using phrases or symbols that define your company, a federal trademark could be a viable solution. The United States Patent and Trademark Office maintains a database of existing trademarks to ensure that parties don’t apply for already-trademarked slogans. Before…