Copyright protection

Why copyright protection is important for your intellectual property strategy

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First, copyright is one of the prongs of general intellectual property rights/strategies which include patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secret agreements, and/or licensing agreements. A specific combination of those strategies assure that no other entity can steal an entrepreneurial venture’s secret sauce which could include their goods, look and feel, artwork, and how to documents such…

what is copyright

What is copyright?

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Copyright is a United States Constitutional right which provides authors with certain exclusive rights in their “writings” and art for a limited time.   “Writings” broadly means any work of original expression in any form and medium, including literary, artistic, musical and any other kinds of work. Authors are also created broadly to include all creators…

Emerging Business Goals

Defining the needs of an emerging business

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Recently, I was reflecting about the emerging company niche as seen through the eyes of the business world. I noticed a tremendous amount effort is focused on distinguishing companies into different categories: startups, early stage, growth, emerging, enterprise, small, mid-sized, and/or enterprise. There are obvious differences in all of these categories from a financial and…

Small Business Funding

Lessons on small business funding and growth

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Recently, two really interesting articles have been published regarding the difficulty of growing and/or scaling a business. The first, titled “Startups Can Be a Struggle,” summarizes the September 18, 2014 panel at Denver Start Up week led by Boulder Venture Capitalist Brad Feld, discussing the realities of managing and raising capital for emerging companies.

What is an emerging business?

Posted Posted in Law and business defines “emerging” as 1) To come forth into view 2) To come up and arise 3) To rise from an inferior point or position From my own personal experience as an entrepreneur, emerging businesses face certain issues at certain stages: 1) Emerging businesses that have not yet proved concept Proof of concept usually occurs…

No venture capital?

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I recently attended the Rockies Venture Club presentation entitled the “Truth About Venture Capital” where four different venture capital firms discussed their views on how they can or cannot help entrepreneurs. The participants were pretty unanimous in their view that entrepreneurs first need to be able to significantly succeed without venture capital before they are…