The Importance of Connection Tapping For Business Growth

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Small Business Growth

If your business has hit a bit of a lull, and if you’re looking for ways to innovate and grow, it might be time to get out of the office for a bit. Trust your staff to lead the day-to-day logistics while you get out into the business community to experience fresh ideas, conversation and inspiration.
Below are a few suggestions for places to look for that business growth inspiration:

  • Entrepreneur magazine’s Accelerate Your Business series. These one-day events in Miami (February 23), Chicago (March 31) and Denver (May 6) are designed to connect business owners with experts, thought leaders, best practices and business peers with the goal of driving business growth.
  • Inventors’ conferences. Events like the Mother of Invention Regional Conference (Denver, February 27, 2016), National Academy of Inventors Conference (Washington, D.C., April 14-15, 2016) and the Unleashing Innovation Summit (New York City, March 23-24, 2016) help inventors and business owners navigate the product lifecycle, connect with other innovators and explore new business ideas.
  • Inventors’ support groups. Find a local group for inventors and meet regularly to share ideas, advice, pain points and success stories. You never know when a fellow innovator has experienced a similar problem and can point you to just the solution you have been seeking.
  • Innovation incubators and groups. Find a local group, such as the Colorado Innovation Network, focused on supporting, funding and developing business innovation leaders. These centers can connect you with potential funders, partners and other resources that can support your business growth.

As an entrepreneur, it pays to focus on continued learning and growth, and the best opportunities for both exist outside of your business’ four walls. Take time to connect with, and learn, from other successful business innovators.
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