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EmergeCounsel combines relationship building, entrepreneurial experience, and legal expertise to provide business and IP legal counsel to a range of entrepreneurs around the U.S. and the globe.

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My Professional Raison D’être

To commemorate EmergeCounsel's eighth anniversary, I decided to review my professional raison d’être/ “reason for being.” Many clients know EmergeCounsel as a go-to source for comprehensive and process-driven trademark and IP protection. Others know me personally as...

Importance of International Trademark Protection

The importance of international trademark protection, and what is the best option for your business? A trademark is a source indicator to distinguish an entity’s goods and services from others. It is also known as a brand (think Oreos for cookies, Spotify as a music...

Berman v. Freedom Financial Network, Browse-Wrap May Be Dead

In Berman, the US Court of Appeals clarified website design requirements, essentially ruling that consumers can only be bound to terms of service,