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Using AI To Police Against eCommerce Counterfeiters

Counterfeit products are fake replicas of authentic products. The more popular a product gets, usually by recognition of the brand, the more counterfeiters become interested in counterfeiting it. Over the years, we studied counterfeiters, how and where they operate....

Substance Over Form: Why a Privacy Policy Needs to be Customized

If you scroll to the bottom of most websites, you will probably see the link to a privacy policy. What exactly is a privacy policy, and do you need one for your business? If you have a privacy policy, is it up to date with your business’ data practices and compliant...

Amazon: The IP Accelerator is Dead?

As attorneys specializing in brand protection, we obviously see serious advantage in trademark protection.  Trademarks are source indicators (e.g. Oreos for cookies, Nordstrom for retail store services).  Trademark registration provides a presumption of exclusive...