Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sellers have the opportunity to protect their brands from piracy and imitators through the Amazon Brand Registry. EmergeCounsel legal professionals are highly experienced in the Amazon Brand Registry particularities and processes and our flat fee TotalTM® process provides the maximum amount of protection at a minimum cost. Clients benefit from comprehensive services, securing and protecting trademarks, and advocacy from initial analysis to registry. 



Your brand is your most critical business asset. Trademark registration is the best way to protect your brand. EmergeCounsel makes it easy to protect your brand through the proven TotalTM® process.

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Amazon Brand Registry Podcast

Steve Weigler and Scott Voelker discuss what you can do to protect your business in this podcast.

What our Clients Have to Say

“Steven worked with me to establish my LLC and develop contracts. He has also reviewed client contracts. He does an excellent job, experienced, attentive, responsive, and takes time to understand the particular business and how to develop and or review the contract. His understanding of contract law along with the personal experience of running a startup combine to be very helpful for me in getting my business off the ground and working through client contracts.”

“Steven has helped me legally defend my Intellectual Property rights with ease and professionalism. He acts on my behalf in a timely manner and takes personal interest into my individual business short term and long term needs. On our first meeting he was already brainstorming on how to grow my business and which aspects should be the primary focus at the moment and which ones could wait. I felt a huge sense of relief as my stress level went from high to almost zero and creative solutions became evident and achievable. His years of acute observation and legal achievements provide an unique advantage to other lawyers. I completely endorse Steven is an attorney with the highest integrity and moral ethics. His optimism and clear headed ability to communicate to all those legally involved make it a win in my book. Steven does what is necessary and will not nickel and dime you. The business of IP can be cloudy and complicated. Steven makes sure you understand what direction he is taking and supports a collaborative working environment.”

“I hired Steven Weigler to make sure my business' contracts were watertight. I'm a freelancer, so I need contracts that protect me while being fair to my clients. I own a small business, and I didn't have a lot of money to spend on this. I talked to Steven about my budget, and together we worked out a plan that was a good fit for both of us. I felt like he really cared about helping me, and he went above and beyond. Steven was very friendly and helpful, and he revised my contracts to be legally sound while still written in plain language (I'm not a fan of "legalese"). He was a pleasure to work with, and I plan on using him as my legal counsel from here on out.”

"Steve has not just been one of the most effective attorneys our team has had the privilege of working with, but he has also been a delight to collaborate with. Like any great attorney, he is very well versed in multiple dimensions of business law, but what I appreciated most about Steve was his ability to also offer sound strategic advice that led to outsized positive results for us as a company. I couldn't recommend working with Steve as outside legal council more sincerely. It was one of the best decisions we've made as a company.”

"Steve Weigler and EmergeCounsel helped us tremendously in the early stages of our startup, and continues to guide us through the legal challenges and hurdles that pop up in our day-to-day operations as we grow and scale. He created all of our operating agreements, employee manuals, and swiftly secured our federal trademark. Working with Weigler is an absolute pleasure. He is very patient, understanding, and gives honest and valuable advice. I highly recommend EmergeCounsel to any company, whether it's a brand new startup or a more established business that is experiencing growth.”

"I’m the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, and I needed to hire an attorney to help me negotiate my cofounder’s exit due to financial impropriety. I needed an attorney who a) had the business background needed to quickly understand the business and b) could put me in the best legal position to negotiate the cofounder’s exit. Steve was able to gain a quick understanding of the personal, financial and legal issues involved. Using his experience in business and law, he was able to build and lead a legal and financial team that persuasively positioned the matter for favorable resolution. This business “divorce” was not remotely easy. However, based in part on EmergeCounsel’s work, my company is much healthier and I am much happier.”

"I am launching a unique fashion accessory brand, and I needed an attorney to help me make sure I was covering my bases. Steve has a strong background in intellectual property (IP) law, and I wanted to make sure that my product was protected in the marketplace. Steve is also an entrepreneur who has brought products to market, so I feel like he understands the challenges and opportunities that I face with my brand. He is a great sounding board for all of my IP strategy ideas and general early-stage issues that come up.”

"Steve was very knowledgable, helpful and thoughtful throughout the process of establishing my company, and with helping with employment issues at a prior one. It was a great pleasure to work with Steve.”

"Steve helped me with a trademark renewal and created some contracts for me. He was great to work with and excellent at understanding exactly what I needed. He was very efficient, getting to the point quickly. I also had a lot of questions that Steve generally does not get asked, but he was quick to answer, his depth of knowledge is exceptional.”

"I was very lucky to discover Steven Weigler was an attorney with IP experience right at the moment I needed one to file a series of trademarks. He provided excellent advice, was very responsive to my questions, and everything went very smoothly."

"Steve the ideal attorney. He takes time to understand your business, doesn't try to suck you dry of every penny you own, gets the big picture, and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend."

"I hired Steve Weigler for a trade mark issue that had the potential to turn into a big legal hassle. He handled everything in a way that achieved what we needed, while at the same time coming up with solutions that persuaded our adversary to take a route that was good for everybody. Steve did every single task exactly how and when he said he would, and was well prepared for every meeting we had. He has helped us with a couple other issues, since concluding our Trademark issue, and always seems to use the proper amount of toughness combined with common sense to get things resolved in a cost effective way. We've been extremely happy with Steve and will continue to use him as business needs arise in the future."

"Steven always strategizes with our company to figure out the most cost effective way to garner as much market space we can with our trademarks. He was successful getting TM's granted where others had failed. Steven takes into account our marketing and patents already granted to present successful arguments to the examiner. Highly experienced and knowledgeable - hence highly recommended by us!"

"Steven helped me protect my intellectual property and rights when I had to sign an Intellectual Property Agreement a year into my new job. He wrote a creative, accurate, and effective addendum to the contract that met my needs and will protect me now and in the future. My employer also found it to be satisfactory. I would certainly recommend Steven and use his services again if needed."