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Amazon Sellers have amazing opportunity to protect their brands through the new Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. Amazon takes its platform further by actually helping sellers to protect their brand from piracy and imitators. Specifically, the main features provide free support in the reporting and policing of Amazon trademark and copyright violations including a user interface to search and police the brand on Amazon, as well as expedited violation reporting tools.

EmergeCounsel legal professionals are experts in the Amazon Brand Registry particularities and processes. Our all-inclusive flat fee TotalTM for Amazon Sellers package provides the maximum amount of protection at a minimum cost. Our TotalTM clients, benefit from comprehensive services usually provided to major corporations by the large (and very expensive) law firms. We are their partners in securing and protecting their trademarks. We are also their advocates every step of the way: from initial analysis and search all the way to the registry.

TotalTM for Amazon Sellers’ Complete Trademark Package

Our Complete Trademark Package has everything needed to plan for, register, and protect a trademark, including:

  1. Strategic discussions about branding and trademark needs.
  2. A comprehensive trademark search using multiple sources.
  3. Suggestions for proper trademark categorization to minimize cost and maximize a trademark’s protection.
  4. Phone or in-person consultations as needed.
  5. USPTO trademark application preparation.
  6. Responding to technical official actions issued by the USPTO.
  7. Filing all forms and paperwork throughout the process.
  8. One year of defensive monitoring alerting our clients to any possible threats to their trademarks.
  9. Assistance and advisory on the registry process.
  10. Discounted rates for EmergeCounsel’s other customized legal services.

We are believers in flat fees to avoid surprises for our clients when the bills arrive. We also offer discounts for multiple marks — contact us for pricing and a free consultation.

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