Anti Counterfeiting Lawyer

According to the Better Business Bureau, a quarter of the purchases people make online are fake, which costs the US economy more than $200 billion. Additionally, the cost to a business in terms or reputation can sometimes permanently harm a brand. 

If you have protected intellectual property regarding business services and products, protecting yourself from counterfeiting can be very complicated and sometimes seem impossible. 

EmergeCounsel is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) which helps us with brand enforcement to prevent counterfeiting. If you need legal support to either protect your assets from future counterfeiting or if you are already experiencing counterfeiting and need to stop it – EmergeCounsel can help you regardless of what stage in the process you are in. We provide Defensive Monitoring within our TotalTM package to ensure actions are taken against counterfeiting and that your business is protected.

Why EmergeCounsel

When can you Seize Counterfeit Goods?

  • You know where the counterfeit goods are located.
  • The seized goods will be proof there was, in fact, a trademark infringement.
  • There are no other legal orders you need to obtain first.
  • You can specify a specific time period when the seizure will occur.
  • The seizure is not publicized.
  • The harm to the trademark holder is greater than the harm to the counterfeiter.
  • The trademark holder will be immediately harmed without the seizure.
  • The person obtaining the seizure order provides security to cover possible damages the other party may suffer.

Why Work with EmergeCounsel? 

Skilled Trademark attorneys can assist you through the complicated processes and standards for preventing counterfeiting and ultimately seizing counterfeit goods. There are many anti-pircat and anti-counterfeiting laws in place and it can carry fines of up to $5 Million and prison time of up to 20 years. EmergeCounsel is skilled in handling counterfeiting related issues and can work with a business of any size to make sure proper protections are in place and that action is taken when needed. 

We bring together expert legal experience and technical knowledge to address the challenges brought on by counterfeiters.