The internet created incredible opportunities for entrepreneurial organizations. However:

Selling and marketing on the web involves different and more complex legal issues than traditional (and fading) brick and mortar enterprises.

  • Securing and policing their intellectual property through trademark, copyright and trade secret.
  • Assuring Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) compliance.
  • Creating legally binding customized terms of use and privacy policies incorporating California Consumer Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-EU) compliance.
  • Understanding and adhering to a number of other internet-only Federal, state, international and local regulations.
  • Negotiating and preparing web agreements, licensing agreements, data security agreements, vendor and supplier contracts.
  • Addressing issues and strategizing best practices on large scale platforms such as  Amazon and eBay.

We built our own successful eCommerce platforms as entrepreneurs and also represented clients in virtually all areas of law related to eCommerce. EmergeCounsel is confident we are the right fit for any eCommerce seller.


There is significant exposure to any eCommerce business in the area of privacy.  ECommerce Businesses, by their very nature, collect and store personal data.   There are a number of privacy and data security laws governing its collection, use, transfer, and disposal of data in the US, various states, and foreign countries, that all eCommerce sellers are expected to adhere to. 

  • Improperly use, share, or transfer personal data.
  • Acquire data without providing adequate notices or, in some cases, obtaining consent.

We help eCommerce companies through building customized privacy policies that fit their circumstances. We have represented clients in a vast array of eCommerce fields and we can do so cost-effectively.

We also review data flow and assist with information management platforms to help minimize the risk of improper data collection, while also allowing our clients maximum flexibility in the use of personal data to assist in their sales and marketing goals.

Terms of Use/Terms of Service govern the contractual terms online sale and purchase of goods and services. Many times they are confused with terms and conditions covering the general use of a website, referred to as website terms of use.

We assist eCommerce businesses in clearly articulating the specific terms of the contract and to assure that it is enforceable and comprehensive without being burdensome or unwieldy.    As eCommerce counsel, we understand technology and are familiar with clip wrap technology and best practice web design leading to better enforceability and consumer ease of use.

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