Business Legal Services

Business Legal Services

Why Work With Us

We are experts in business legal strategy. We work closely with management to understand their business, legal issues, and set a budget and work plan to ensure quality and timely results. Once we understand the business, we work strategically on projects including:


Entity and Ownership Structure

  • Determine, institute and/ or amend appropriate form of business entity (corporation v. limited liability company)
  • Determining and addressing operational liabilities
  • Structure ownership interests between partners,
  • Building efficient but effective IP portfolios



  • Raising money through proper capital structuring,
  • Structuring credit on favorable terms, 
  • State and Federal regulatory compliance
  • Building efficient but effective IP portfolios


Global Business Structure

  • Considerations for going global, 
  • Business Buying and Selling (and any partnership disputes related to same


Commercial Transactional Documentation

Even the most straightforward business there remains the need for contracts tailored for the company’s specific needs.  EmergeCounsel provides necessary documents to assist with:

  • Articulate warranty terms and conditions
  • Limit liability, especially for events beyond a company's control
  • Provide clear policies on license terms, returns and/or refunds of goods and/or services
  • Memorialize payment and non-payment terms
  • Minimize future legal fees
  • Verify compliance with common industry practices


Partnership Disputes

Nothing can impede a business more than a dispute between partners. EmergeCounsel is the source for sound business agreements:

  • Structure and/or review Partnership Agreements.
  • Partnership disputes related to buying and selling. 
  • Liquidations



Employment documents are necessary to protect a company – EmergeCounsel develops and advocates a variety of documents all emerging companies should have, including:

  • At-will employment offers/policies
  • Employee handbooks
  • Benefits policies and procedures, including stock or unit options
  • Classifying workers as independent contractors or employees,
  • Cybersecurity



Publishing a website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is important to have detailed website and social media policies. EmergeCounsel can help:

  • Terms of use 
  • Privacy policies 
  • Copyright notices
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy including transferring data between the United States and European Union


Our clients vary from start-ups to established corporations, EmergeCounsel is flexible and will work on a piecemeal basis.  For many clients, once we get to know the business, we act as the company’s general counsel and help manage all of the company’s legal matters.

Sophisticated Legal Services, Sensibly Priced

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