Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Copyright Services for Entrepreneurial Business

Copyright protects original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.  Generally, EmergeCounsel’s clients seek protection for computer code, packaging design, logos, product designs, and original art.

  • Copyright owners generally enjoy certain exclusive rights, including the right to:
    • Reproduce the work (including making electronic copies).
    • Create adaptations (derivative works) based on the work.
    • Distribute copies of the work (by sale or rental).


EmergeCounsel employs a low-cost Total© process which has three steps with the goal of maximizing the efficacy of U.S.(and potentially international) copyright filing while minimizing the price.

  • Business strategy and the intellectual property needs.  
  • Collaboration on a cost-effective plan to register appropriate copyrights.
  • Prepare, effectuate, and track the filings, 
  • Answer any questions arising from the U.S. Copyright Office.  
  • If required, coordinate with foreign colleagues related to international aspects.
  • Track and provide IP documentation.

The Total© strategic cost-effective copyright process.  Often only hundreds of dollars and combines well with our Total™ trademark package and our other IP strategic services.

Copyright Litigation and Conflict Resolution

  • Copyright is a very cryptic area of law.  We help our clients resolve copyright infringement issues through informal or formal dispute resolution procedures.  

In the United States, only registered copyright is afforded enforcement protection (i.e. the ability to enforce via lawsuit in United States District Court).  Furthermore, non-registered copyright brings up a number of issues for businesses such as making it very difficult to meet due diligence requirements for an acquisition, losing first mover advantage, and even allowing and even encouraging counterfeiters and knock off artists.

We have a diverse set of clients but are particularly versed in the fields of education technology, cosmetics/beauty, and ecommerce. Our fee structures are whatever works best for the client and can include flat fee, hourly or retainer. 

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