Strategic Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) protects a vast range of intangible creations of the mind including works of art, computer programs, and inventions. Intellectual Property has categories to protect different creative aspects: Copyright, Patent and Trademark. We not only know how to maximize our client’s IP protection at a minimum of price, it’s our mission.

Types of United States Intellectual Property Protection

Copyright © 2011 by Alexander I. Poltorak, Paul J. Lerner. Reprinted by Permission.

Our Process:

  • Understand the client and their business.
  • Analyze an IP strategy to:
    • Gain competitive advantage/discourage competitors;
    • Increase company value;
    • Secure new business opportunities;
    • And/or increase entrepreneurs’ ability to gain funding.
  • Combine state of the art technology and a professional touch.

  • Conduct research and comprehensive searches through legal analysis.
  • Manage docket, IP, and deadlines.
  • Advocate and counsel legally and cost consciously.

While our fixed fee structure on some of our IP packages may be similar and we have nothing against filing services, EmergeCounsel’s mission is to provide the same strategic IP services as a large enterprise law firm at a fraction of the price, not to provide the lowest price possible which is often what a legal filing service does.

We do note that if our potential client wishes to complete the process at the lowest cost, there are many resources available on e.g., United States Patent and Trademark Office which provides adequate information on how to search and file for a trademark or patent. However, someone needs to do a comprehensive legal/ strategic IP analysis before filing or implementing. Generally, it costs much more to fix a failed filing than to go through the planning process. Accordingly, if we or another specialty law firm is not the right fit, we have suggested the client may wish to go through the analysis on their own with the resources available.