The EmergeCounsel Difference

Entrepreneurs sometimes stumble on key legal issues that can end up damaging their reputation, creating issues with customers and employees, leaving their brand or intellectual property unprotected, and/or otherwise putting their business at risk.

EmergeCounsel works with emerging businesses to give our clients peace of mind and ensure that their businesses are on solid ground.

We make it easy for our clients to understand what they need to do to protect their assets, and we’re driven to find the most cost-effective strategies for emerging companies.

We Have Empathy 

EmergeCounsel offers our clients a unique skill set. Our founder Steven Weigler is an entrepreneur who has developed products and services, recruited and managed people in sophisticated markets, been responsible for the P&L, raised sufficient capital to consistently increase value, negotiated numerous exit strategies with acquirers and venture.

Steve has built a team of attorneys who are well versed in the complexity and strategy involved in corporate and intellectual property transactions and disputes. Combined, our team has the skills to provide exponential value to our clients.

We Use Technology to Keep Overhead and Costs Down

We are technologically diverse and resourcefully innovative. Our investment in legal technology software allows us to meaningfully and securely connect with our clients, conduct comprehensive legal and business research, prepare and manage legal documents. Integrating state of the art software allows us to increase our operational efficiency which saves our clients’ money while providing outstanding services and documents.

We Are Good Lawyers

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” – W. Edwards Deming

We work incredibly hard because we both love and are competent in our practice niche. Good lawyering is a combination of empathy, budget management, intelligence, analytical skills, love of learning, love of people, tenacity, and the desire to communicate complexity effectively. It also involves good project management skills. Our consistent outreach and involvement in worldwide business and legal communities keep us creative, cost-conscious, and strategic. Finally, we study best business practices such as Lean and PMBOK so we can service our clients with exceptional legal services, at the lowest possible price.

We Are a 21st Century Law Firm

While the art of practicing law requires intellectual skills that cannot be outsourced to artificial intelligence, we notice that many law firms are still using 20th-century practices servicing 21st-century clients. In founding EmergeCounsel, we created a firm that is more efficient, better organized and on par with our business clients. The result is a unique and proprietary integration series of software systems in project management, client intake, client communication and document management, trademark management and infringement tracking, and legal/business and brand research. 

We Offer a Proven Support Network

We have a vetted we use for work outside our scope including legal co-counsel, mediators, CPA’s, and evaluation experts as well as marketing, branding, and accounting. It has taken many years to forge these types of relationships. We achieve real benefit and measurable return on investment by dedicating time and resource within our network and believe in building a culture of connectivity and collaboration.