Additional Trademark Services

Trademarks are companies’ most valuable assets—just ask Google® or Apple®

Organizations like LegalZoom and Nolo provide assistance with registering a trademark; individuals can even do it themselves at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. However, registration is just a small piece of a successful trademark strategy.

Major corporations have teams of experts focused on trademark strategy, clearance, registration, and monitoring. These teams assertively defend the corporation’s rights through cease and desist actions, intellectual property (IP) asset management, and, if necessary, infringement litigation.

Our TotalTM® clients benefit from comprehensive services usually provided to major corporations by the large (and very expensive) law firms. We are their partners in securing and protecting trademarks.

Office Action Response

For those facing a USPTO Office action on a trademark application, it can be difficult to tell where to start.

Trademark law is arcane, and a significant majority of trademark applicants receive an office action from their USPTO examining attorney. EmergeCounsel has years of technical trademark experience and can quickly define the problem and offer expert advice on how to overcome it.

Trademark Monitoring Service

Receiving a trademark registration is just the beginning. Once the registration is secured, trademark owners should be actively monitoring their marks for infringement.

EmergeCounsel Trademark Monitoring helps protect our clients’ trademarks and alert them of any new USPTO applications that may be infringing on their rights. It includes: 

  • Around the clock monitoring.
  • 48-hour notice of a potentially infringing mark being filed. We notify them within 48-hours of a potentially infringing mark being filed.
  •  Complimentary strategic consultations to discuss proper steps to address the possible infringement.

Trademark Dispute/Litigation Services

It is essential that those involved in a trademark infringement case seek counsel from a trademark lawyer, as the stakes and penalties can be enormous. EmergeCounsel has extensive experience in litigating trademark infringement cases. Contact us today for a trademark strategy session.