IP Strategy


Intellectual Property Strategy

Strategic IP-Maximize Protection/Minimize Price

Through our years of working in our own startups as well as for Fortune 50 companies, we are convinced that the legal analytical process for securing IP no different for a solopreneur, a small business, or a large enterprise.   We not only know how to maximize our client's IP protection at a minimum of price, we have made it our mission. 

We work with one person start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, and our clients’ IP needs are as narrow as obtaining a trademark for Amazon Brand Registry purposes, or as complex as patenting, naming a brand new invention or making sure all of its employees keep it secret. 


Regardless of the need, we employ the same process:

  1. A) Understand the client and the business
  2. B) Analyze how an IP strategy can help our clients:
  • gain competitive advantage/discourage competitors;
  • increase company value; 
  • secure new businesses opportunities;
  • and/or increase entrepreneurs ability to gain funding.
  1. C) Use a combination of state of the art technology and a professional touch to conduct our research and IP searches
  2. D) Provide comprehensive legal analysis
  3. E) Manage the IP/Docket and Set Reminders on Deadlines
  4. F) Charge little to no cost for client contact to assure that we are a true legal advocate and counselor.   


How is Emerge Counsel able to provide the same strategic IP of enterprise law firms at a fraction of the price?

Top-notch technology (create efficiencies in intake, billing, document management and communication) + Experienced Legal Minds+ Lower Overhead = Maximum IP Protection at Minimal Price


How does Emerge Counsel compare to a legal filing service like Legal Zoom?

While our fixed fee structure on some of our IP packages may be similar and we have nothing against any filing service, EmergeCounsel’s mission is to provide the same strategic IP services as a large enterprise law firm at a fraction of the price, not to provide the lowest price possible which is often what a legal filing service does.   

We do note that if our potential client wishes to complete the process at the lowest cost, there are many resources available on e.g. uspto.gov which provides adequate information on how to search and file for a trademark or patent.  However, someone needs to do a comprehensive legal/strategic IP analysis before filing or implementing.   Generally, it costs much more to fix a failed filing than to go through the planning process.  Accordingly, if we or another specialty law firm is not the right fit, we have suggested the client may wish to go through the analysis on their own with the resources available. 


The IP Audit

Our growth company clients see value in a comprehensive evaluation.  The first step is an IP audit.


Deep Dive/Planning:

A deep dive reviewing the business at the business, the distribution or service channel, key employee contracts and any potential and secured IP.


EmergeCounsel attorneys write up audit's findings, budget, and recommendations.


Secure IP (patent, trademark, and/or copyrights).   Prepare and collect signatures on trade secret/proprietary rights agreement

Manage IP:

EmergeCounsel attorneys manage the IP and provide reporting of progress.

Sophisticated Legal Services, Sensibly Priced

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