business agreements and investors

Well-drafted business agreements and future business success

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As an emerging business, it’s likely that you are seeking or considering funding from outside sources – venture capitalists, angel investors and others. When you do seek that kind of funding, provisions in your entity formation documents and operating agreements could be potential roadblocks in sealing the deal. Those provisions include founder vesting, first right…

legal pitfalls in business agreements

The importance of a dissolution clause in your LLC agreement

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A recent case out of Delaware highlights one potential pitfall of overlooking key aspects that should be included in an LLC agreement. In the case, the business owners agreed to dissolve the business, but disagreed on how that dissolution should be carried out. One party wanted a private auction while the other wanted a public…

Business Entity - LLC or C-Corp

Flipping an LLC to a C-Corp

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Many early-stage businesses start as an LLC because the costs are so low. However, there may be a time to flip to a C-Corp. It can be done. Decisions made for a company early in its existence, even if they were ideal at that time, can become less than optimal as the company continues to…