Trademark candy shape?

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In a continuation of our recent posts on intellectual property disputes that span a variety of industries, we bring you yet another dispute from the chocolate industry. Chocolate and candy-maker Nestle has attempted to trademark its iconic “four-fingered” Kit Kat bar shape in Europe, but a British court has said no.

Trademarks and Brand Strategy

Trademarks and brand strategy

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Reflecting on 2014, I can separate EmergeCounsel’s trademark practice into three categories: Searching and trademarking a name or a logo (very straightforward and cost efficient), Fixing the filing of a trademark that the entity screwed up by filing without the assistance of counsel (somewhat straightforward to trademark attorneys but not very cost efficient), and Doing general…

What are trademarks?

What are trademarks? And does my business need to register them?

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The mission and focus of EmergeCounsel is to help entrepreneurs create, grow, protect and sometimes fight for value.   I was surprised when I discovered that the most fascinating, strategic and potentially greatest value driving area of my work is trademark. What are trademarks? Trademarks include: words, numbers, number and word combinations, slogans, designs, images, colors,…