Maximize Business Value with Intellectual Property

Maximizing a Business Exit: The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property

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The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property When I interview a new client, one of my first questions is “what do you ultimately want to do with the business?”   Very few people want to keep their business forever (for example, forgo retirement), and selling the business, hopefully for the maximum amount of profit, is…

Why You Should Be Spending Time On Brand Development

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Brand development is often perceived as the domain of big companies—the Targets, Walmarts, and Whole Foods of the world. But reality is a little different than most people’s perceptions. As an emerging small business, brand development is pivotal to helping you stand out from the competition and drive new business. A matter of fact, a…

Emerging Business Goals

Defining the needs of an emerging business

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Recently, I was reflecting about the emerging company niche as seen through the eyes of the business world. I noticed a tremendous amount effort is focused on distinguishing companies into different categories: startups, early stage, growth, emerging, enterprise, small, mid-sized, and/or enterprise. There are obvious differences in all of these categories from a financial and…