Human Resources Expert Liesa Taylor on Organizational Leadership and The Gig Economy

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My clients and I often notice that success in business growth requires organizational planning, leadership and talent management. Denver based, Liesa Taylor, is an organizational development and human resources consultant with years of experience helping all sizes of companies grow their management and employee teams (and she’s a friend of EmergeCounsel). She was just featured…

product start-up

From product start-up to store shelves

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Inspiration from one niche product start-up We talk a lot about developing innovative ideas and protecting those ideas with intellectual property safeguards, such as patents and trademarks, but what happens next? How does that idea eventually end up in the hands of consumers? That’s why this story caught our eye. It’s about a simple product,…

serial inventors

Impact of serial inventors

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Do inventors develop new ideas as often as serial entrepreneurs? Business innovation often leads to the launch of start-up companies that take a new idea to market. Louisiana Tech researchers identified a lack of information on the people behind that innovation – inventors. More specifically, researchers sought to identify inventors who produced a particularly high number…