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Oh, No! There Was an Issue With My Trademark Application?

EmergeCounsel Trademark Book

Was there a problem with your trademark application? Are you dealing with confusing questions about securing a trademark?

Then check out our free eBook: “Oh No! There Was an Issue with My Trademark Application?”

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About Our Founder

Steven Weigler’s career gained extensive experience from his role as a senior attorney for a Fortune 50 technology company where he handled complex business negotiations and asset-protection cases. He was also the CEO, founder, and general counsel of an educational technology startup that developed predictive analytics to identify and help at-risk youth. In addition, he has served as a prosecutor in Dade County, Florida, and as a litigator in a prominent Denver law firm.

An entrepreneur himself, Steven is passionate about helping business owners achieve their goals and receive expert, empathetic legal support.

Steven specializes in protecting intellectual property, general business counsel (including employment), and information technology law. His years of entrepreneurial experience give him a unique insight into emerging companies, and he strives to be the legal “go-to” legal counsel for his clients’ growing businesses.


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