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E-commerce: The Amazon Seller Risk Mitigation Strategy

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Amazon has become a household name that evokes mixed reactions from consumers as well as my e-commerce clients. While many see this platform as an opportunity to optimize profitability, there are risks. A recent survey of over 1,000 Amazon Seller participants from JungleScout confirms what I have learned from my years of advising e-commerce clients. …

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POST COVID-19 BLOG SERIES: IP For Entrepreneurs

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Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 including us. I took some time to think over what advice to provide my clients and friends Post COVID-19 and realized it hasn’t changed much. If you run or manage an emerging business, the world has definitely changed, but effective legal strategies haven’t. I digress: Entrepreneurs generally never had…

Cowork Space

The Risks and Rewards of Coworking

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When I reentered the legal profession after a startup adventure, I was hesitant to secure and sign an office lease.  I was immediately attracted to the “workplace as a service” or “coworking” model where business owners pay one set fee month to month for a private office, shared common area, internet, electricity, maintenance, coffee service…

Maximize Business Value with Intellectual Property

Maximizing a Business Exit: The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property

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The Importance of Documenting and Securing Intellectual Property When I interview a new client, one of my first questions is “what do you ultimately want to do with the business?”   Very few people want to keep their business forever (for example, forgo retirement), and selling the business, hopefully for the maximum amount of profit, is…

Copyright infringment

Copyright Infringement and Fair Use

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Copyright Infringement Copyright law protects original expressions.  Original expressions include: writings, art, songs, music, dance, software, blue prints etc.  Protection is automatic (but enhanced with a copyright filing) and it is protected for the life of the crated plus 70 years. Copyright infringement (colloquially referred to as “copyright theft”) is when someone uses copyrighted materials…

Why You Should Be Spending Time On Brand Development

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Brand development is often perceived as the domain of big companies—the Targets, Walmarts, and Whole Foods of the world. But reality is a little different than most people’s perceptions. As an emerging small business, brand development is pivotal to helping you stand out from the competition and drive new business. A matter of fact, a…

Human Resources Expert Liesa Taylor on Organizational Leadership and The Gig Economy

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My clients and I often notice that success in business growth requires organizational planning, leadership and talent management. Denver based, Liesa Taylor, is an organizational development and human resources consultant with years of experience helping all sizes of companies grow their management and employee teams (and she’s a friend of EmergeCounsel). She was just featured…

product start-up

From product start-up to store shelves

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Inspiration from one niche product start-up We talk a lot about developing innovative ideas and protecting those ideas with intellectual property safeguards, such as patents and trademarks, but what happens next? How does that idea eventually end up in the hands of consumers? That’s why this story caught our eye. It’s about a simple product,…