Human Resources Expert Liesa Taylor on Organizational Leadership and The Gig Economy

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Small Business Growth

My clients and I often notice that success in business growth requires organizational planning, leadership and talent management.

Denver based, Liesa Taylor, is an organizational development and human resources consultant with years of experience helping all sizes of companies grow their management and employee teams (and she’s a friend of EmergeCounsel).
She was just featured in Forbes Magazine as a thought leader on business leadership.
In “Just Because You Can Hire And Fire People Doesn’t Mean You Can Get The Job Done”, Liesa suggests that traditional leadership models no longer work, and she offers three questions to help you stay ahead of the curve. Lisa says,

“Hierarchical teams with a positional leader are less prevalent than they were before.”

She also gives her insights and tips on how your organization can benefit from freelance labor and the opportunities it creates for business owners looking to hire top-notch talent in, “The Gig Economy: Your Ticket To Sourcing Top Talent.”

If you’re interested in reading her work, I have provided the links to Forbes below.


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