Why Your Business Attorney Must Always Be “In the Know” About Your Business

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When you’re laying a strong legal foundation for your business, it’s important that your attorney understands you, your business plan, and financials. Why? A business’ legal issues don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re impacted by everything from benchmarks to financing. If your attorney doesn’t have a strong overview of your business and a general understanding…

Human Resources Expert Liesa Taylor on Organizational Leadership and The Gig Economy

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My clients and I often notice that success in business growth requires organizational planning, leadership and talent management. Denver based, Liesa Taylor, is an organizational development and human resources consultant with years of experience helping all sizes of companies grow their management and employee teams (and she’s a friend of EmergeCounsel). She was just featured…

refresh employee policies

Time to refresh employee policies

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If you don’t have a detailed employee handbook, or if it has been more than a year since you reviewed your handbook, now is the time to work on it. Clear and specific guidelines about employee policies help protect you legally and help prevent employee disputes (and potential lawsuits). The Society for Human Resources Professionals,…

Small business workers’ compensation

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Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about workers’ compensation coverage. Failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance could leave you open to paying out-of-pocket for an employee’s medical costs, paying state fines and even lawsuits. Coverage requirements vary state by state. In Colorado, for example, any business with at…

fire an employee legally

How to fire an employee legally

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As a business owner, you make every effort to hire well, because your people are your key to success. Every once in awhile, though, someone turns out to be a hindrance rather than an asset to your business. As you proceed through the disciplinary and termination process, keep in mind these points to stay within…