What Business Owners Should Know About Canada’s New Trademark Laws

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Canada hasn’t revised its trademark laws since 1952, but this year, new Canadian laws will go into effect that will not only address changes in technology and the trademark needs that come with those advancements, but also will make Canada’s trademark laws more globally compatible.  Most importantly, Canada will now utilize the Madrid Protocol, a…

Brand Protection

Brand Protection: The One Thing Every Business Must Do…But Often Doesn’t

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Starbucks spent $387 Million last year alone to create an entire user experience through branding and brand protection.  Take away that branding, and the remainder would be nothing but (some would say mediocre) cup of coffee in a paper cup. Possibly to a lesser extent, every business focuses on creating a brand because it essentially…

Copyright infringment

Copyright Infringement and Fair Use

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Copyright Infringement Copyright law protects original expressions.  Original expressions include: writings, art, songs, music, dance, software, blue prints etc.  Protection is automatic (but enhanced with a copyright filing) and it is protected for the life of the crated plus 70 years. Copyright infringement (colloquially referred to as “copyright theft”) is when someone uses copyrighted materials…

Why Your Business Attorney Must Always Be “In the Know” About Your Business

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When you’re laying a strong legal foundation for your business, it’s important that your attorney understands you, your business plan, and financials. Why? A business’ legal issues don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re impacted by everything from benchmarks to financing. If your attorney doesn’t have a strong overview of your business and a general understanding…

The business lawyer as a counselor

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When I was in law school, I learned to apply legal precedents to individual cases (“fact patterns”) to best advocate for clients—we didn’t even brush on how to best give guidance or advice. As we are known as “counselors at law,” I find this lack of educational focus somewhat surprising. Just like any other counselor,…