Brand Protection

Brand Protection: The One Thing Every Business Must Do…But Often Doesn’t

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Starbucks spent $387 Million last year alone to create an entire user experience through branding and brand protection.  Take away that branding, and the remainder would be nothing but (some would say mediocre) cup of coffee in a paper cup. Possibly to a lesser extent, every business focuses on creating a brand because it essentially…

Licensing your trademark: A lesson from the Kardashian sisters

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The Kardashian sisters recently won a large trademark infringement case that they filed against Haven Beauty and its principal investor, Hillair Capital Management. Haven Beauty was licensing the trademarked Kardashian name to sell the Kardashian Beauty line of cosmetics. The Kardashians accused Haven Beauty of failing to pay required royalties and launching new products without…

Even the Olympics enforce trademark law

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If you thought you could use the Olympic logo in your marketing campaign, think again. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are cracking down on U.S. companies’ use of the Olympic trademark. They are specifically targeting companies and brands, including tweets or blog posts about anything Olympics-related (even this…