Counterfeits, Knockoffs And Why We Are Members of INTA

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Intellectual Property

The International Trademark Association (“INTA”) is the worldwide trademark association who has been instrumental in framing how every country in the world communicates on trademarks, infringement and brand enforcement. As members, we attend the Annual Conference which brings together 11,000 trademark attorneys from all over the world. Lately, a hot topic has been how to prevent trademark counterfeiting. 
Companies around the world experience the same nightmare. According to the Better Business Bureau, a quarter of the purchases people make online are fake, which costs the US economy more than $200 billion. Other country’s economies also take a hit, and many say China is largely to blame. “Counterfeiting by Chinese criminal gangs is a far larger problem than most people recognize,” says Barry Elliott, a senior fraud investigator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “But concerted efforts against the credit card processing network that funds them can make a real difference.” 
According to a study from the INTA released May 16, half of all – the youngest buying generation – “Gen Z” are against buying counterfeit items, but the price is often a deciding factor at the cash register. No matter the morals of Gen Zs who tend to make idealistic decisions, the study found that practicalities ultimately took over for moral ideals.
Little is required for infringers to order a product on e.g. Amazon and then mirror the product design and brand. There are also a plethora of hackers sometimes masking as employees who to slip into a company’s computer network to steal data, including company trade secrets or product designs. 
As Anti Counterfeit Lawyers, we are active members in INTA because there are members from 190 countries working to protect the trademarks of businesses worldwide. With so many advocates for trademark protection, the group is essentially a worldwide network protecting businesses from counterfeiting, in a similar – but perhaps more effective – approach to cybersecurity.
Not only do we learn a lot working alongside with the 30,000 member attorneys of INTA, we use the INTA standards of trademark practice as a framework for our practices. Trademark policies are complex, and our firm covers a wide range of issues under that umbrella, from Amazon trademarks – a landscape that brings with it many potential landmines as products on the sales platform can be similar or outright counterfeit – to broad analysis and protection of our clients’ intellectual property.
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