Barcelona reflection – Part 1

by | Apr 3, 2023 | LinkedIn Newsletter, News and Updates

Despite some jetlag, I really enjoyed my time at the IR Global Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain.  IR Global is a network of similarly situated attorneys and accountancies located around the world. I have been a member of the network for the last four years.

Although I could never imagine that I would have the opportunity to build a significant international practice, with my focus on brand protection/trademark, intellectual property, and e-commerce advisory has opened these doors. Why? US markets do not exist in a bubble. Many of my clients source goods from Asia. Some of my clients are in, e.g., Asia or Europe and want to enter the US market because it is the largest consumer nation. Some are American and grow in the other direction/cross-border. So I 100% need a worldwide network of similarly situated attorneys to collaborate with, or I would not be able to service my clients’ various intellectual property and business needs.

I have always advised my clients to establish meaningful relationships with their suppliers and others, even if they are overseas. I guess I “walk the walk”. So although it puts me behind in my day-to-day work, I took some time to invest in building meaningful relationships with attorneys that I refer to and collaborate with in places as broad as Taiwan, China, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Argentina, and even the Maldives. Also, we have our own US network, I could never have done that in years without my significant participation in the IR network.

I look forward to seeing my IR colleagues again in Bangkok in spring 2023.

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