Protecting Your Brand – “Where Beauty Meets Brains” Episode 161 with Jodi Katz

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Podcasts


Podcast Summary 

Host of “Where Brains Meet Beauty” podcast, Jodi Katz states it best, “Steve Weigler is a mastermind when it comes to protecting your brand. After many entrepreneurial pursuits of his own, he’s come to understand more than just the legal side of building a business, giving him a unique perspective in helping his clients keep their brands safe from knock-offs and other legal woes. The EmergeCounsel Founder explains in this episode how a small investment at the start can garner big returns in the long run, and prevent future (expensive) issues. If you’re a Founder, CEO, or entrepreneur, the information in this episode is invaluable to building, growing, and potentially selling your brand.”

Clicking the link above you will access the full episode, transcription of the podcast, and more information about Jodi Katz.

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