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by | Feb 26, 2015 | Business Entity

I came across an article this week that I think has unique relevance for small business owners. Especially those whose businesses are growing and changing rapidly. It highlighted some tactics from U.S. Special Forces that can be applied to teams and emerging businesses that must respond to an ever-changing marketplace and the new demands that growth brings with it.
As an emerging business owner, you often must make the most of limited resources in your attempt to achieve big goals, and this article illustrates how Special Forces teams are masters at those situations. Some key takeaways:

Make the most of the team you have

Special forces teams consist of only 12 specially trained soldiers, but they accomplish a great deal by inspiring others to act in accordance with their mission. Think about who you can inspire, both within your organization and in your broader network, to help you achieve your goal.

Focus on internal motivation

Internally motivated people don’t need browbeating and constant reminders to stay focused. Give your team a challenge and step back to see how they approach the problem. They might just surprise you with their ingenuity, independence, and drive.

Plan well, but be ready to adapt

Successful military teams and businesses alike follow a well-conceived strategic plan, but teams must have a flexible enough mindset to adapt to new challenges and situations that arise. The plan will set you on the right course, but your ability to flex will help you survive and thrive in the dynamic marketplace.

I encourage you to read the full article below:

Special Forces Concepts for Business (source: Origins Training Group)
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