Pause Before You Hit Send

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Business Innovation

As a small or emerging business owner, you want publicity for your company. It is tempting to issue a press release every week or announce your company’s latest developments on Twitter every day. However, there are some instances when you need to hold off and consult your attorney first:

Capital Raising

Your small business attorney should review any communication materials for your capital-raising campaign. In addition, he or she can help you develop internal procedures for approval and public release of capital campaign documents. These procedures help protect sensitive information and shield your business from potential liability.

Initial Public Offering

Be aware of the restrictions on public communication as you prepare for your initial public offering. Your attorney can help you determine what can and cannot be shared during the pre-IPO timeframe. Social media can be an especially tempting pitfall during this period, and this Law360 article offers some tips for avoiding pre-IPO social media issues.

New Advertising or Marketing Campaigns

Advertising carries its own set of rules for communication, and your attorney can help you avoid potential issues surrounding trademarks or unsupported claims. You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a new campaign that has to be pulled because you used someone else’s tagline or gave misleading information about your product or service. It pays to have the information checked out by your legal advisor on the front end.

The SBA offers a guide for what can and cannot be included in small business advertising, but a skilled attorney can help guide you through the many nuances that could cause potential problems for you.

EmergeCounsel can help your small or emerging business with all its legal needs, including communication and contract review. Contact us today to learn more.


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