Brand Establishment and Protection

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Intellectual Property

Here are some tips for brand establishment and protection. Chances are, you have put a lot of thought into choosing your company name and the names of your products. Don’t let a trademark dispute derail all that work. Take the time to establish your brand name online using these steps:

Brand Establishment

1. Choose your name carefully.

Prior to registering your business, it is useful to do a trademark and domain name search to ensure that your desired name is available both as a company name and as a URL.

2 . Register and lock your domain.

When registering your domain name with your web hosting company, you have the option of locking it at the same time. This step helps prevent the domain from being transferred to another account or web host.

3. Trademark your name(s).

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers a primer that covers trademark basics, and you may register your trademark with the office as well. For more details on this sometimes complicated process, contact a skilled intellectual property attorney.

4. Focus on your website.

Make sure that your company name and logo appear on all pages of your website. You should also include a copyright notice on each website page.

5. Keep track of news about your company.

Set up a news alert that will help you stay informed when others post news or mentions about your company or product. Doing so will allow you to respond to any reviews and protect your company’s reputation.

6. Manage IP disputes.

If you suspect that someone is misusing your intellectual property or if someone levels a trademark dispute against you, you should consult an attorney. The groundwork you have done to register and establish your brand, copyrights, and trademarks online will help provide you some protection in these disputes, and a skilled attorney can walk you through the nuances of the process.

If you are an emerging business owner interested in protecting your company’s intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more, contact EmergeCounsel today to discuss how an experienced business law attorney can help you. 


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