3 Trends in Intellectual Property

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Intellectual Property

A significant portion of Emerge Counsel’s business pertains to intellectual property protection for emerging businesses.

In 2015, watch for these three trends in the IP sphere:


Is your company emerging out of its start-up phase and starting to experience some real growth? While you might not be planning to take on the world yet, the global marketplace should be on your mind when it comes to IP. It is such a hot topic on the world stage that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has created a Global Intellectual Property Center.


As the definition of “workplace” changes, your team could be scattered around town or around the globe at any given moment. Having access to secure files via mobile devices is the future for IP professionals. Keep an eye on trends that allow for location-independent VPN logins, secure cloud storage, and more.

Patent Intelligence

Big data can drive innovation, and it is behind the move toward patent intelligence by companies. Innovation leaders look to “prior art” to determine which inventions might be marketable in the future. Several resources exist that provide reports and research on patents, and those can be useful as you develop a strategy for your company’s IP.

If you are an emerging business seeking skilled legal counsel to protect your intellectual property, contact EmergeCounsel today.


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