How Amazon Is Fighting Back Against Counterfeiters

by | May 20, 2019 | Trademark

Amazon is fighting against counterfeiters. After brands attach a unique code to their products, Project Zero can also remove suspected counterfeits. In addition, Amazon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning can scan 5 billion listings a day to detect suspected counterfeits that don’t carry the codes.

Can Entrepreneurs Protect Against Counterfeits?

Counterfeits are generally sold through third-party vendors, although they may still be fulfilled by Amazon, making them tricky to detect. Various states’ Uniform Trade Secrets Act protects confidential information from being stolen by competitors. This includes designs, product formulas, and customer lists. In addition, it allows for the recovery of damages and is one law that could be responsible for the suits Amazon is facing for its counterfeit product problem.
While the Project Zero tool protects against counterfeits, that is a very specific category, according to Pat Petriello, Head of marketplace strategy at the San Diego-based CPC Strategy. In addition, it does not cover copyright infringement or other key parts of many states’ trade secret laws. Meaning Amazon has a long way to go in its battle to prevent foreign companies from stealing protected American-made product information. Including elements that go far beyond design to address anything that falls under the category of confidential information and gives your product value. Still, the tool gives companies more autonomous control over the products they sell on Amazon, which is essential in making Amazon safer and more secure for brands.

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