7 Interesting Inventions of 2015

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Inventions and Inventors

The seven interesting inventions of 2015 to help stir your creative side. We talk a lot about intellectual property in general terms. This is because intellectual property can take the form of so many products and ideas across industry sectors. Today, however, we look at some specific inventions that made headlines this year.

As a small business owner or an emerging business leader, you know innovation is a key to your business growth and success. So perhaps this list of innovations will inspire new ideas for the coming year.


This ball combines physical activity and STEM skills by allowing children, ages 6-10, to learn basic programming using an iPad or iPhone app.


It can be a shot in the dark for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to order in a restaurant. This portable sensor helps detect foods that contain gluten.

Eko Core

This stethoscope takes listening to a heartbeat or breathing to the next level: It records and transmits data to a physician’s smartphone.


This braille printer  (still in development) was created by its inventor using a Lego robotics kit.

Autocomplete Hand-drawn Animation

This program from Microsoft predicts the sequence for hand-drawn animation, saving animators hours in drawing each frame.

Nikola phone case

This smartphone case uses radio frequency (RF) signals to charge your phone.

The Shoe That Grows

This innovative shoe is adjustable and can be worn by the same growing child for up to five years.

This diverse list of interesting new inventions highlights a truth that every inventor already knows: If you can identify an unmet need in the marketplace, you can create a product to meet that need.

Whether you are tweaking an old idea or generating something new, innovation can help you tap into consumer demand and help your business grow. So, as you close out this year and look toward a new one, we wish you happy inventing and prosperous innovating.

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