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by | Apr 24, 2024 | LinkedIn Newsletter

American and Indian Law Firms Celebrate Recently Discovered 40-Year Sister Connection Through World Trade Center/Sister City International Visit

EmergeCounsel and Eshwars, Advocates have similar legal practices half a world away from each other.  I recollect meeting members of India-based Eshwars, Advocates several years ago at the IR Globalnetwork conference in Taiwan.

I have always strived to work with international counsel for whom I share practice philosophy and connect on a personal level, a goal which is not that easy.  Our firms met and immediately connected and have been working together ever since.

While I recently earned my Certificate of International Trade from the World Trade Center, Denver (WTC-Denver), found out that Denver and Chennai are “Sister Cities” and that the WTC-Denver was making an official visit to Chennai to celebrate the 40-year sister city relationship.

According to WTC-Denver’s President, Karen Gerwitz, “Denver and Chennai’s partnership has existed for many years and assists in building the business and cultural understanding. We haven’t formally had a delegation to Chennai for quite a while, and I am excited that the stars aligned to make this happen”.

I knew that Eshwars’ founder, Eshwar Sabapathy, would jump at the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between our two cities. It was as easy as a phone call.

Sabapathy agreed with me, “Steven and I have always shared the belief that successful international business relationships are about connecting.  I hope that the business and government officials involved in the celebration have the same experience that we have had, bonding both in business and personally.”

Eshwars and EmergeCounsel will host the official delegation luncheon in Chennai on Thursday, March 7.

Denver-based EmergeCounsel and Chennai-based Eshwars are both boutique international business and IP law firms.

We are members of IR Global, a UK-based multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, and financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.

IR Global comments, “We are always thrilled to see relationships between our members blossom outside of the network. IR Global is all about facilitating connections and encouraging members to form impactful collaborations, and this is a great example of this”.

The World Trade Center Denver is the Rocky Mountain’s largest facilitator and educator in international trade.  It is a member of the New York City-based World Trade Center Association with over 330 locations around the world, including in Chennai, India.

Sister Cities International, founded by US President Dwight G Eisenhower, creates and strengthens partnerships between communities in the United States and other countries, particularly through the establishment of “sister cities,” which are broad and long-term agreements formally recognized by civic leaders.


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