Why Trademarks Matter

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Podcasts, Trademark

Why Trademarks Matter – And How To Get Yours

“The Quiet Light” with Joe Valley


Podcast Summary

Steve Weigler and Joe Valley with “The Quiet Light” Podcast discuss why trademarks matter and how to get them. Clicking the link above, you will access the entire episode, transcription of the podcast, and more information about Joe Valley. Below is a little more detail of the episode itself in Joe’s words:

Do you want to create an Amazon brand that is protected from knockoffs? Are you looking to build an e-commerce business that has firm roots, low risk, and continuous revenue? If so, this episode with Steven Weigler, the Founder of EmergeCounsel, is a must-listen.

Why do trademarks matter?

According to Steven, there is one thing that can set your Amazon brand and products apart from the crowd: a trademark. Though some sellers consider trademarks to be unnecessary, they are actually an essential part of risk mitigation. After all, you can’t grow or sell your online business if it isn’t properly protected—and the best way to protect your brand from copycats and knockoffs is to invest in intellectual property trademarks. So, how can you go about obtaining a trademark in order to lower your business’ risk and increase its profitability? In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Steven Weigler, the Founder and Managing Partner of EmergeCounsel, to discuss how to mitigate the risk of your e-commerce brand by obtaining an intellectual property trademark. Listen in as Steven reveals what an IP trademark is, how long it takes to obtain one, and why Amazon sellers need to understand and protect themselves from the risks of trademark infringement. Stay tuned!

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